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Regenerative Agriculture Festival

Just received the following message from Dan at Finca Slow – sounds like a great idea.   We’re helping organise a festival of regenerative agriculture and living in September in Ginestar and wondered if you’d help spread the word? We’re also looking for organic producers to take stalls to sell their products. And we would

The Campaign For Ecological Responsibility

Druid Spirituality isn’t just about improving your own life: it’s about making a difference to the world too, it’s about becoming environmentally responsible. Imagine how the world would be, if each of us, individually, was ecologically responsible – if each of us made sure we didn’t pollute the rivers with the detergents we used, didn’t

So what's this site about?

  • Well, sort of. 
    It’s where I live so it interests me – and I hope you. This site is all about living sustainably in the area, so maybe you have some information that will help others to do the same.

    Maybe you would like to share your thoughts on the place. This is pretty much a catch-all for anything that goes on here, so send me your ideas – share the good stuff.

    If you know of some good happenings, then please add them in. Once you log in you will find that you can start new posts all by yourselves – this is not a one-man site. Have a look at the Site Help if you are unsure about what to do.

  • is the main theme.
    I mean, we all have to live on this planet, so let’s take a little care and possibly tread a little lighter on it.

    Simple living should be in there as well. I mean, there is no need to over-complicate things, is there? It’s hard enough. Got some tips then spread the wealth.

  • Sharing is good – giving without expecting something in return is way cool. 

    Have a look at our sharing website – Hylo – it’s pretty new so there will not be much there just yet. However, if you are looking for something, it may be worth posting it there, and seeing what comes up.

    I am not asking you to give something away, but maybe have a think about it from time to time. Just hold the thought once in a while.

    We will have some giveaways from time to time – maybe you have something to give away. Let us know.

  • Add them here, if they are relevant.

    I mean, a Wellie-Throwing Contest in Darlington is not gonna catch too much interest over here, so it may be an idea not to add that, but if you have an event in the area, then I’ll leave it to you.

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